Villain Hunt is a minigame stage with 10 different Secret Levels with masterminds that are powerful in different ways but they don't attack you. When you find them they wave and it's over, there is a time limit for each Stage.

Killer Moth
Dr. Hugo Strange
Mr. Zsasz
Black Mask
Ventriloquist and Scarface
Ra's al Ghul

The Joker (Tropical)

After you find them they appear in your Characters Store where you collect the Characters. In Villain Hunt your party members are all Heroes and Two New Characters in appearence.


Commissioner Gordon
Harvey Bullock

Tip 1: Don't collect any studs. Unless you run through them BECAUSE IT WASTES TIME!

Tip 2: Villains such as Joker Tropical and Killer Moth who are Villian hunt and appeard in console versions are available to find on

Story Mode.

Tip 3: Mr. Zsasz is also purschable by defeating Poison Ivy with Poison Ivy (Alternate).


Killer Moth: He is next to the area where Clayface broke in on the right ledge.

Man Bat: you will find him where you battle Mr. Freeze in the Hero version of Ice Cream factory.

Dr. Hugo Stange: in the window right at the end (you can see him there)

Mr. Zsasz: build the ladder by the trains, pull the lever, use an acrobat character to swing over on poles next to the grey crate with the red and black lock, and Mr. Zsasz will be there.

Black Mask: Activate the hero panel after the steam vent, go through the trapdoor, bomb the other trapdoors, and at the bottom one, black mask will be waiting.

Firefly: go over the tight rope in the police department outside the sewers and Firefly will be there for you

Ventriloquist and Scarface: you have to put down the four switches to freeze the water. then go inside the door.

Ra's Al Ghul: You have to be in the third area of the factory. Use the hero panel to dump pieces for an acrobat pad. Swing up, and Ra's Al Ghul will be on the top of the booth.

Hush: put down the two switches with your partner. go inside the door. then Then climb the magnetic ladder. then you need Alfred or Batman glide suit to glide across the two booths. Bring the swan boat back. click the two buttons inside the boat. You will then move to the next room. When you reach the toxic spill, go to the ledge on top, activate the ramp, use an acrobat pad to swing to a ledge to the right of the giant clown face, use Alfred or Batman to cross the gap between the ledge and a small shelf, activate the lever, use Robin to go down the chute, pull the lever on the second ledge, which will drop pieces for a grapple pad. Use the grapple pad to grapple to the big red ledge on the clown face, where Hush will be waiting.

Joker Tropical:go into the room with all the stairs going up. Onec at the top, use Azrel's strength to open the wall. Tropical Joker will be inside.

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