"Two-Face's truck is a heavily-armoured vehicle painted in the villain's distinctive black-and-white motif." [[Lego Batman DS|Lego Batman D.S.

LEGO Batman set

Two-Face's armoured truck appears in the LEGO set entitled "Two-Face's Escape" with the Batmobile.

In Lego Batman: The Videogame

Two-Face's armored truck is unlocked after you complete the villain level dubbed "An Enterprising Theft." However, it appears as a boss in "Two-Face Chase," where it is eventually destroyed after the Riddler escapes with Poison Ivy. On the Nintendo D.S. version,  it appears on Batmobile Chase (the third level of the Bullion Dollar Riddle) in Hero mode, where players are playing as the Batmobile, chasing Two-Face and the Riddler. In the villain level, however, players drive the truck whilst trying to escape Batman. It is unlockable in the minikit-viewing area in the Batcave. It is unlocked after finding all of the minikit-canisters in Gotham Streets.

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