The Joker


Real name:
Joseph "Joe" Kerr
Professional Criminal
Joker Gas
Electric Hand Buzzer
Machine Guns
Notable Facts:
Deadliest Criminal of Gotham City
Archenemy of Batman

"The Joker's clown-like appearance and big smile hide a devious mind bent on causing as much trouble as possible for his archenemy Batman. His array of weapons include an electric hand buzzer, deadly machine guns, and laughing gas." From LEGO Batman: the Video Game

Character Bio

Having an unknown past, what is too be believed is that The Joker was once a petty criminal who fell into a vat of chemicals. The toxins' effects turned his skin white, his hair green, and his lips red. This gave him the appearance, and also the mind, of a crazed clown. Now calling himself "The Joker", he henceforth started executing insane schemes that relate to the actions of a clown with a deadly twist. He utilizes his extensive arsenal of weapons which include: machine guns, laughing gas which he named Joker Gas, and an electric hand buzzer in his schemes. At his time at Arkham Asylum, his psychiatrist named Harleen Quinzel fell in love with him, and reinvented herself as the madcap criminal Harley Quinn. The pair continues to carry out his mad plots onto the city of Gotham.

Lego Batman: The Video Game

After escaping from Arkham Asylum, the Joker teams up with fellow inmates Harley Quinn, the Mad Hatter, Killer Moth, and Scarecrow to spread his laughing-gas all over the city. Firstly, the Mad Hatter helps the Joker gather up all the necessary equipment at the Chemical Factory, where they load them into the vans driven by Joker's henchmen so that they could be taken to Gotham Cathedral. Whereas the Joker escaped in his helicopter, Mad Hatter stayed behind and was defeated by both Batman and Robin. With all the necessary materials for the laughing-gas already at Gotham Cathedral, the Joker engages in a desperate race against time to get there before Batman can. Along with the Scarecrow, the Joker makes one more attempt to defeat Batman before launching his plan, this time in an aerial battle. This too, fails, as Scarecrow's biplane is obliterated in the battle. The pair races through the Art Gallery, wreaking havoc to slow down the police. Although Scarecrow is defeated, the Joker manages to escape in Harley Quinn's hammer-truck. Along with Harley Quinn, the Joker finally arrives at Gotham Cathedral, where he dispatches a number of henchmen outside the huge gates to keep the Gotham City Police occupied. However, Batman and Robin manage to get inside Gotham Cathedral's bell tower, where they defeat the Joker in hand-to-hand combat. In the aftermath of the adventure, the Joker is seen back inside his cell at the Asylum.

Equipment and Abilities

The Joker is usually armed with his pair of machine guns (which seems to be uzis), hand buzzer (which he can use to either electrocute someone or power up a machine), and Joker Gas, but occasionally employs razor cards. The Joker also possesses his trademark calling card. He's a criminal mastermind that is surprisingly physically strong, good at hand-to-hand combat, and has very high agility.

Joker's tropical outfit.


Almost as iconic as his smile is the Joker's physical appearance: chalk white skin, green hair, and red lips. His costume usually consists of a purple tail suit, and an orange vest with a green bow tie and yellow flower. In Lego Batman DC Super Heroes, Joker has a more refined look, wearing a purple tail suit with a striped green undervest and bow tie. The Joker also uses several other outfits such as his tropical suit. The tropical suit consists of a purple panama hat, a green suit with purple and blue stripes, a camera hanging around his neck, and purple pants.


  • The Joker's Tropical outfit is from the famous graphic novel The Killing Joke where it reveals Joker's apparent past and dons his tropical to mock Gordon as he shot his daughter.