Riddler's Revenge
Riddler and Ivy want to destroy Batman.
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You start off on the same level as Batgirl begins but at the boss fight ivy will have 1 Live instead but go further into this level.

Follow Ivy to Riddler then you need to Defeat Riddler`s Crane Bombs.

Boss Fight Riddler has a Revenge

Riddler has 10 Lives. Defeat Ivy to cause him to lose 5. Punch him to cause him to lose 1. Punch Ivy and then the character when being controlled to cause hie to lose 2 Punch him to cause him to lose 2.

(Caption) "Riddler When will you Learn"

Enemies: Posion Ivy, Riddler Goon

Purchasable: Bruce Wayne, Posion Ivy (Alternate)

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