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Lego Batman 2: The Rouges Gallery

None of the Suits would be Reused from the First Lego Batman Game, But will all be Changed into new Suits

Batman's Suits

  • Rocket Suit

This Suit Will have the ability to Fly as high or low as you want for a more extended time as well as Shooting Missiles out from the top to destroy Silver Lego Objects

  • Ice Suit

This Suit will have the ability to acsess into Freezing cold areas and can also freeze and unfreeze objects or people

  • X-Ray Suit

Regular citizens walking in Gotham are Sometimes actually Disguised Goons, Before you use X-ray on them and punch them it just makes them shiver in feer as if they are citizens, But to realy tell Use X-Ray vision on them to see if they have a weapon now since you used this suit a Brawl with the Goons Character Icons apear on the top screen because they know that you know that they are disguised as Gotham citizens, This Suit also Can see through certain Lego Walls to veiw Riddler Clues behind in the Riddler Levels.

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