Mr. Freeze`s Invasion
Mr. Freeze is after a Freeze ray to upgrade him.
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Now this is easy dust keep pushing boxes to make it high. till a Native appears.

Boss Fight Native (A Bodyguard).

Punch him till X10 Comes up then 3 will come out kill them.

After the boss fight climb the ladder 30 Minuites till you get to a Icey floor.

Boss Fight Mr. Freeze

Use a freeze gun and try to freeze mr.freeze with it then use batman and robin`s batarang at the ice.

he will have 4 lives dust throw alfred`s plate at his gun to punch him he will have 2. Push down a statue to hit his head and punch.

Enemies: Riddler Goon, Riddler Henchman, Freeze Girl

Purschable: Freeze Girl, Native

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