Lex Luthor's Airship

'Lex Luthor's Airship' is an aircraft seen in the level 'Destination Metropolis'. It is owned by Lex Luthor and is armed with about 15 turrets all around it. It has two booster engines on the back of it and some engines on the bottom which keep it in the air. It is giant and black in colour with bright green lines all over it. Inside is lots of men, including Lex Luthor's Goons and some of The Joker's Goons. In the level, Batman and Superman must intercept the airship by destroying its engines and turrets, then destroying the guarding helicopters surrounding it. Then, they must enter it by destroying its shield and killing the guards. After attacking Joker and Lex and failing, the airship escapes and it gets to Gotham City.

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