Killer Moth (Alternate)


Killer Moth or Charaxes
Alter Ego
Cameron Von Cleer
Powers and Abilities
Killer Moth (Alternate) has all the abilities of Killer Moth. The difference between the two, is that Killer Moth is green and purple while Killer Moth (Alternate) is gray and black. Plus the alternate version has a round head and moth-like features. This version of Killer Moth is playable on the the Nintendo D.S. version. 


He is one of the villains who sells their souls to the demon Neron in Underworld Unleashed, where he asks to become feared. He is metamorphosed into a moth-like monster called Charaxes. As Charaxes, Walker vaguely resembles a humanoid giant grey moth. He consumes humans and spins cocoons in which to keep his prey .

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