Killer Moth

Killer Moth

Killer Moth
Alter Ego
Powers and Abilities
Flight, gun

Killer Moth is a recurring enemy in the Lego Batman series. He is a man dressed in a brightly colored costume. Killer Moth is capable of flight and is equipped with a handgun.


Lego Batman: The Video Game

Killer Moth appears in Lego Batman: The Video Game as a member of the Joker's gang.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes

Killer Moth escaped Arkham Asylum and attacked the Gotham Power Plant. He was eventually defeated by Batman.


In great contrast to his "opposite," Batman, Killer Moth's costume is brightly colored. In all other areas, however, it mimics the Caped Crusader's appearance, with the cowl, chest insignia, and wings in place of Batman's cape.

Abilities and Equipment

Killer Moth's greatest power is his "flight suit", which allows him to fly short distances by flapping the "wings" on his back. His only offensive weapon is a handgun.

Appearances in Lego