Jason Todd was the second Robin after the first Robin, now named Nightwing, quit. He was replaced by Tim Drake after he was killed by the Joker in a warehouse in Africa. Batman tried to save him but the Joker left him with a time bomb and it exploded before Batman got in to look for him the warehouse. but Jason did not die. He soon became the Redhood after that explosion. He does not appear on LEGO Batman: The Videogame, but he does in LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes, as the Red Hood.

Background (As Robin)

Jason Todd was found when Batman saw him trying to steal the tires for the Batmobile, so Batman sees to it that he is sent to a school for troubled youths. Jason attempts to make it up by helping Batman, and earns the mantle of Robin when he helps Batman apprehend a group of thieves becoming the second Robin.

Jason aid Batman's crime fighting at first wearing an acrobatics costume, until Dick Grayson presents him with an official Robin suit. Jason dyes his hair black and after training becomes officially Robin.

Jason finds out his real mothers name and ,with Batman, travels to Ethiopia to find her. Delighted to see her Batman leaves them alone, his mother reveals that she has been working with the Joker and he appears, beats Jason and his mother with a crowbar and takes him to a warehouse, which a time bomb is placed.

Batman arrives too late and the bomb detonates, killing Jason and his mother. Batman takes the bodies to Gotham for a burial. Batman considered this his biggest mistake- Not training Jason well enough and letting him die. Batman keeps Jason's suit in the Batcave.

Background (As Red Hood)

Jason is returned from the dead by Talia al Ghul using the Lazarus Pit. Ra's al Ghul tells Talia that his personality will be altered.

Jason finds the Joker and beats him, but doesn't kill him, and steals the Red Hood outfit taking up the mantle.

After many crimes he is imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.

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