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Green fingers is the third level in the Riddler's revenge where Poison Ivy travels to the Botanical Gardens with the Riddler to get fast-sprouting tree seeds.

Outside: From the start, bust up the brown, green, and blue boxes in the
front of the building. Assemble a flowery vehicle. Use it to bust down
the metal gates both on the left and right of the building. Head through
the right-hand gate and bust down all the flowers to find a rotator switch.
Turn it to raise the basket on the back wall so your partner can jump onto
the other one. Now, you can get on the basket too as it's automated.
Switch to Ivy and double jump to the railing to cross. Smash the statue
on the other side to make a tightrope so the Riddler can catch up. Now,
walk across the toxic sludge as Ivy and pull the left lever. The Riddler
should pull the right one, opening the door inside.

Toxic Pit: Have Ivy hold down Z near the plant pots to create platforms
for the Riddler. Hop across and create another red mushroom so you can
bounce up to the top ledge. Push the statue off to remove the cage around
that poor defenseless plant. Now, use the "?" mark door with the Riddler
to open it up.

Courtyard: Head down the stairs and to the back right of the area. Demolish
everything here. Also, use Mind Control on the Janitor in the back enclosure
and have pull the lever. Assemble all the pieces and you'll make a ride-able
plant. Oh, they only get more awesome from here on out, believe me.
Stomp over the entire garden, then head to the right through the gate. You
do have to leave him behind, though.

Pond: Bust up the nearby boxes and assemble the swan. Ride it carefully
around the mines and to the far right side. In the next area, use Mind
Control on the scientists in the enclosure. Have one of them bust up the
top object to get a lever to build (opens the inner door) and then bust up
lower object to stop the toxins. Step on the valve nearby to open the
outer door. Head inside.

Greenhouse: Switch to Ivy and head across to the other side. Smash everything
and assemble the vehicle. Bring it back to the other side and have the
Riddler hop in so he can drive over the muck and use the "?" mark panel.

Laboratory: Have Ivy go to the right through the toxins. Have her hit two
buttons and a lever to remove all the gas and open a hatch to the other
side. Head all the way to the right to find an elevator in pieces. Break
all objects and grow all plants. Have Ivy climb up the plants to the top
to find more pieces. Assemble the elevator and ride up. By the way, if you
have the same problem I did and can't find a few pieces, they're right in
front of the plants and blend in rather well with the floor. Just so you

Passage: Simply head to the right.

Conservatory: The object here is to step on the three panels in the front to
grow three plants. The first one is ready for you already. For the one on
the left, use Mind Control on the Janitor on the ledge and have him push
the statue off. Assemble the pieces. For the one on the right, bust down
all the stuff on the back right to find pieces for a plunger. To get this
plunger to work right. You have to jump up and down on it three times in
succession. If you step off or get knocked off, you'll have to start
again. Once all three panels are pushed, you're done.

This ends with Ivy playing with plants when the Riddler leaves. Beat this level to get Poison Ivy and the Scientist.

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