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First, Scarecrow will destroy a billboard, trapping you. The goon helicopters will arrive, destroy the Fear Goons' helicopters then destoy the bat sign to get some torpedos then shoot one at the missle launcher, it will shoot the billboard and destoy itself. When you get midway Scarecrow will go past a train and the goons will set it on fire. Destory the missle launcer with the train, it will destoy itself and the half of the bridge. Switch to the Bat-Copter and grab the mine and head to the train and launch it in the train destroying it. Scarecrow will fly past a lazer wall actavating a lazer wall. Grab a mine using the Bat-Copter to destroy the blue shed. Switch to the Batwing to get some torpedos and destroy the missle launchers deactavating the wall. Time for Batman to contend with Scarecrow; switch to the Batcopter and grab Scarcrow's Bipane, then switch back to the Batplane and get some torpedos and hit him and he will lose a life. Do this twice and then say the word "goodbye" to Scarecrow (if you want to, of course; it is just a joke, as you can see).

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